Jinsight Informática Ltda - Visualizing the Information.

  • Jinsight Informática Ltda is a Brazilian company specialized in the development of Java components for visualization of data.

  • Since year 2000, when we started our business activities selling on the Internet our state-of-the-art Java charting solution called The JetChart Library, we gradually achieved recognition as a company offering a quality and competitive product, with affordable prices.

  • Currently, we have hundreds of customers worldwide, from small business companies to large corporations, using our charting product in a diversified range of applications, in areas like chemical, human resources, university researches, transport, financial, etc.

  • Many companies have also integrated JetChart into their commercial products, using it as the main engine for the generation of static and dynamic charts, in stand-alone and web applications.

  • Jinsight is located at Maceió, State of Alagoas, Brazil. Our office address is:

    Rua Alfredo Oiticica, nr 349 Farol
    CEP 57050-230
    Maceió (AL) - Brasil
    Phone number: 55-82-8825-3235
    Fax number: 55-82-3342-4448
    Email Address: mail@jinsight.com

If you are interested in a reciprocal link, contact us, sending an email to webmaster@jinsight.com.

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